Finding time from your busy schedule is difficult. Have you ever thought how difficult “time” is itself? It’s one of the most complicated concepts human being ever came across. For most of us Time is just something shown on our desk clock, wall clock, wristwatch or a digital clock showing on some kind of electronic gadget. This is absolutely OK – as long as you just need to know – “what is the time now?”

There are many sites explain what the “time” really is. This site however offer you simply “what is the time now?” for all time zones across the globe – a world clock! You may search time by country name, its two digit code, capital city or with a well-known city name. You may list time by continents, regions.

This site works on PHP, which depends on Olson Database (aka tz database) for computing time. Time provided is for information only may not be accurate – not to be used for any time critical situation.

Search time for any country. You may search with country name, country code or it's capital name. You may also search with city name e.g. Los Angeles or Calcutta.
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The World Clock shows current local time in cities and countries, in all time zones. List time by continent / region.