Split and Zip  

Split and Zip is a unique free tool that comes with two utilities we need every day. Split may be used to split any file, be a music file like mp3 or wav or avi, a binary file e.g. EXE file or a PDF file. Yes, you can of-course split a text file as well. This free zip software lets you create ZIP file quickly - you can add a single file or a folder. The unzip option lets you open ZIP files quickly and easily, as well as list content in the archive and extract all or selected files.

You require java 1.4 or latter to run this program. On Microsoft Windows, double click on jar file to run. On any operating system, that supports Java, use java jar <jar file name> from command line or shell to run this program. To use the split and zip tool, follow the instructions given below.

Download Split and Zip.

  • Slice:
    Select "Slice" option under Split menu, a screen identical to picture below will appear. Use "Open" button to open a file. Alternatively you can drag a file from desktop or explorer and drop it to open. You can view details of file e.g. path, size, last modified date on screen. Enter number of piceses you like to have and click on "Split". Select location to create new splitted files. You are Done !!!.
      Please note that a property file will be created in this process which you will require to get back original file. For an example if you split "abc.zip" file "abc.zip_prop" will be created as property file. For a mp3 file "xyz.mp3" property file will be "xyz.mp3_prop" and so on.
      Please note this Slice tool can split files of size greater than 500 Kb, it won't work files with smaller size than 500 Kb.
  • Join:
    When you like to get back original file, use "Join" option under Split menu. Browse to location where splitted files are kept and select the "<split_file-name>_prop" file.

Split interface - allow you to select a file and then split into multiples

  • New:
    Use "New" option under Zip menu to create a new zip file.
  • Add:
    Once a zip file has been created use "Add" option to add files in the zip file. If you select a folder, all files in that folder will be added in the zip file. Alternatively you can drag a file or folder from desktop or explorer and drop it to add in the zip file.
  • Open:
    Select "Open" option under Zip menu to open a zip file. Content of the zip file will be displayed in a tabular form.
  • Extract:
    Once you open a zip or jar file, you can select any (one or more) of the files and then use "Extract -> Selected" under Zip menu to extrac selected files in a particular location

Zip interface - allow you to open a zip or jar file and then extract all or selectively

Please read license agreement here.