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Neo Clock is customizable desktop clock that display current date, time of two different time zones. You can select any time zone of your choice. You can customize clock's background, text font and color, date format, time format, play bell/ music each our. Reminders / Alarm, is another feature that helps to keep you on schedule. You can play music for a reminder. Date, Hour bell and reminder are in synchronization with Primary clock.

You require java 1.4 or latter to run this program. On Microsoft Windows, double click on jar file to run. On any operating system, that supports Java, use java jar <jar file name> from command line or shell to run this program.

Download Neo Clock.

There are 3 little buttons on the top of Clock. The Red dot at the extreme right is the close button. Next to it, blue button to minimize the clock. The star shape button opens up options to customize clock.

Multi Font Bi Color Texture

Time zone:

Neo Clock has two clocks, one primary and another secondary. You can easily identify them with size they are appearing. Of-course bigger one is primary and smaller one is secondary. First choose which clock you like to set up. Time set up has following options -

  1. System Time - This is same as your PC / Laptop time.
  2. GMT / UTC Time - Greenwich mean time / Co-ordinated Universal Time.
  3. Time Zones - Select any time zone from the list.

When you choose "Time Zone", please select a time zone from the table. You can click on table header to sort it.


You can change background of Neo Clock to your choice. If you change to background, please close and restart again to take this effect. You have following options

  1. Transparent - You know what that means !!!
  2. Solid Color - You select a color, clock will appear in that color.
  3. Bi Color - You select two colors of your choice, clock will appear with gradient pattern. Gradient pattern should cycle repeatedly between the two colors.
  4. Texture - Select an image, this you will repeat all along the clock. You may only select images up to 500 Kb.


Like to change color or font, or may be date format? You can do all here and more !

To Change Font or Color, choose any or all item from the list i.e. Date, Primary Time, Secondary Time or Reminder. Then choose a font from "Font" option. To change color, click on color button.

To change Date format, select only Date from list, and select any format from Date Format option

To change Time Format, select any or both the time i.e. Primary and Secondary, then select desired time format.

You may play bell / music every hour. Select Primary Time from list, and then On or Off this feature by clicking on "Hour Bell". If you choose to have music / bell On, you can select a bell from the option appear next.


Like to be alarmed / reminded for phone calls have to make or to join a meeting? Anything that is in your schedule and you don't want to miss, set up a reminder. It will appear on the clock. And you can display a message box to remind you or play music!

You may set up any number of reminders. Once added, you can sort them, update them if require or delete them when no longer needed.

Removal of old reminders are recommended.

Please read license agreement

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